Four Sams Concrete Generations
Call us in Scranton, Pennsylvania, at (866) 808-3920
Receive Scranton Deals on concrete statuary work on benches, Celtic cross, birdbaths, fountains and stepping-stones located in PA.


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Visit us in Scranton, Pennsylvania, for superb statuary work including:

  • Creative Concrete Statues
  • Religious Statuary
  • Beautiful Bird Baths
  • Concrete Fountains
  • Engraved Concrete Benches
  • Stepping Stones
  • Celtic Cross
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Concrete Restorations
  • Plaster Statue Restoration
  • Broken Statue
  • Chipped Statue Repair
  • Yard Statues & Catholic Concrete Statue Repair
  • Garden Sculptures Repair
  • Garden Figurines
  • Cherub Statues
  • Statue Restoration
  • Gravestone Repair



Visit us in Scranton, Pennsylvania, for creative concrete statues, beautiful bird baths, fountains, and engraved concrete benches.


Located to the rear of Church Avenue. Decker Court, behind the mint green fence.